Latest  results

Thursday night bowls 3.7.17
1st. Wannabees
2nd. G.T. Glass
Overall winner. The Bowled and Beautiful

Night Owl Bowls 2.8.17 6pm

1st Easy Beats

2nd Murphys Law

Consolation Back Again

over all Trojans

Night Owl Bowls 2/8/17 7:30 pm

1st She’ll Be Right

2nd Oakmont Ogres

Consolation Pearly Whites

Over all Oakmont Ogres

Night Owl Bowls 27.7.17
1st. – Where Back 13+12
2nd. – Dark Horses. 12+6
Consolation. – More Grass

Night Owl Bowls 26.7.17 6pm
Winners Travellers
Runner Up The Enablers
Consolation Odds & Ends

Night Owl Bowls 26.7.17 7.30pm
Winners Tri Hards
Runners Up Oakmont Ogres
Consolation Sharks

Thursday 20.7.17

Winners Wannabees

Runners up Us 4

Consolation 4 Gettables

 Wednesday 19.7.17

6pm Winners Murphys Law

Runners Up Trojans

Consolation Dilligafs

Wednesday 19.7.17 7.30pm

Winners Oakmont Ogres

Runners up Soki

Consolation Just Cruizin

 Friday 14th Pirates
1st B Haworth, G Rundell
2nd R Bragg, B Leckie
3rd E Grant, G Smart

Thursday 13.7.17

Winners The Vibes

Runners Up 3 girls and a Paul

Consolation We’re Back

Wednesday 12th Mixed social
1st E.Grant, B Keenan
2nd A Williams , B Edwards
3rd W Usher , M Fitzpatrick

Night Owl Bowls Thursday 6.7.17

Winners More Grass

Runners Up Die Trying

Consolation 4 Getables

Night Owl Bowls Wednesday 12.7.17 6pm

Winners Easy Beats

Runners Up Awesome Foursome

Consolation Murphys Law

Night Owl Bowls Wednesday 12.7.17 7.30pm

Winners Oakmont Ogres

Runners Up Tri Hards

Consolation Soki

Scroungers 9th

Winner A Williams

R/U K Dickinson

Consolation B Eayrs

Mens indoor Saturday pairs 8th

1st A Williams, K. Gould

2nd B. Leckie, B. Snellen

Pirates 7th

1st M. Fitzpatrick , S. Reynolds

2nd B. Snellen , B. Edwards

3rd S. Zuliani, R. Brown

Wednesday Mixed social 5th

1st S. Zuliani, R. Brown

2nd A. Baker, J. Tait, R. Howarth

Wednesday 5th July 6pm

Winners Back Again

Runners Up Travellers

Consolation Awesome Foursome

Wednesday 5th July 7.30pm

Winners SOKI 

Runners Up She’ll Be Right

Consolation Pearly Whites

30/6 Friday Pirates:

1st R Gamble and B Edwards,

2nd B Adderley and r brown,

3rd S Zuliani and R Bragg

1/7  Saturday indoor pairs:

1st M Fowler and J O’Brien

2nd D Mullarkey and D Smeardon

2/7 Sunday Scroungers: Winner R Curley  R/U B Donohoe Consolation M Stegnjiac

23/6  Men’s Pirates:

1st J Smith, B Eayrs and E Grant.

2nd J Tait and B Leckie.

3rd R Bragg and B Howarth

25/6 Sunday Scroungers:

Winner: R Curley,

R/U N Noake,

Consolation: A Williams

Night Owl Bowls 14.6.17 6pm

Winners Travellers

Runners Up Back Again

Consolation Black & White

Overall Season Winners Easy Beats

Night Owl Bowls 14.6.17 7.30pm

Winners Oakmont Ogres

Runners Up Crooners

Consolation Popeyes

Overall Season Winners Oakmont Ogres

Night Owl Bowls 8.6.17

Winners Dixie Chicks

Runners Up Dark Horses

Consolation Us 4

Night Owl Bowls 7.6.17 6pm  

Winners Dodgy Bros,

Runners Up Murphys Law 

Consolation Trojans

Night Owl Bowls 7.6.17 7.30pm

Winners Tri Hards,

Runners Up Popeyes

Consolation Just Cruizin

Results for Thursday 1st June

1st: The bowled and beautiful

2nd: US4

Cons: More Grass

Night Owl Bowls 31.5.17 6pm

Winners Murphys Law

Runners Up Beez Neez

Consolation Fill Ins

Night Owl Bowls 31.5.17 7.30 pm

Winners Oakmont Ogres

Runners Up Club Cooper

Consolation Just Cruizin

Night Owl Bowls 24.5.17 6pm

Winners Kitty or Jack

Runners up Fill Ins

Consolation Dilligafs

Night Owl Bowls 24.5.17 7.30pm

Winners Club Cooper

Runners Up Oakmont Ogres

Consolation Popeyes

Night Owl Bowls 6pm 17.5.17

Winners Dodgy Brothers

Runners Up Beez Neez

Consolation Back Again

Night Owl Bowls 7.30pm 17.5.17

Winners Oakmont Ogres

Runners Up Crooners

Consolation Club Cooper

Night Owl Bowls 6.30pm 18.5.17

Winners More Grass

Runners Up Die Trying

Consolation Wannabees

Night Owl Bowls Thursday 11.5.17

Winners Werebank,

Runners Up More Grass,

Consolation GT Glass

Night Owl Bowls 10.5.17 6pm

Winners Murphys Law,

Runners Up Easy Beats,

Consolation Odds & Ends

10.5.17 7.30pm

Winners Oakmont Ogres,

Runners Up Club Cooper,

Consolation Sharks

Wednesday 26.4.17 6pm

Winners Murphys Law

Runners Up Easy Beats,

Consolation Dilligaf’s

Season Winners Murphys Law

Wednesday 26.4.17 7.30pm

Winners Wannabeez

Runners Up Tri Hards,

Consolation Black & White

Season Winners Tri Hards

Thursday 27.4.17 

Winners The Forgetables.

Runners Up Die Trying

Overall season winners Dixie Chicks

19/4 Wednesday Social: 

1st B Howarth and B Edwards,

2nd J Keith and S Reynolds

21/4  Men’s Pirates:

1st J Templeman and J Keith,

2nd T Richardson and S Zuliani

3rdB Edwards and B Adderley

23/4 Sunday Scroungers:

Winner: T Blyth,

R/U A Williams,

Consolation: M Usher

Wednesday 19.4.17 6pm

Winners – Sappers,

Runners Up  – Dodgy Bros

Consolation – Kitty or Jack

Wednesday 19.4.17 7.30pm

Winners – Pearly Whites,

Runners Up  – Tri Hards

Consolation – Sharks

Thursday 20.4.17 

Winners – More Grass,

Runners Up – Dixi Chicks

Consolation – Artisans

 12/4  Wednesday Social: 

1st A Lane and A Nelson,

2nd B Leckie and K Dickenson
13/4  Men’s Pirates:

1st J Smith and G Nelson,

2nd B Adderley and B Leckie
17/4  Tony Gallagher Memorial Pairs:

1st J Bortorilla and c Booker,

2nd P White and M Barwick
3rd R Pearce and S Urich,  4th K Gould and L Gould

Results 12.4.17


Winners, Easy Beats

Runners Up Beez Neez

Consolation Dilligafs


Winners, Oakmont Ogres

Runners Up, Bowled & Beautiful

Consolation, Popeyes

Thursday 13th April.

1st: Vibes

2nd: The Travellers

Cons: Dark Horses

5/4  Wednesday Social:

1st J Keith and B Edwards,

2nd J Tait and R Gamble

7/4 Friday Pirates: 

1st A Williams and R Brown,

2nd D Smeaton and P Burton,

3rd R Lamb and B Leckie

9/4 Sunday Scroungers:

Winner: M Stegnjaic,

R/U: A Williams,

Consolation: P White

Night Owl Bowls
Wednesday 5.4.17
6pm Winners Odds & Ends,
Runners Up Fill Ins,
Consolation Kitty or Jack

7,30pm Winners Bowled & Beautiful,
Runners Up Tri Hards,
Consolation Popeyes

Thursday 6.4.2017
Winners The Travellers,
Runners Up Us4
Consolation  Wannabeez

29/3 Mandurah Open Triples:
1st M Keenan, A Danes and G Gilberti
2nd K Gould, B Costello and B Miller
3rd G Von Koss, I Ward and N Richardson

31/3 Men’s Pirates:
1st B Leckie and W Bell
2nd S Zuliani and K Dickenson
3rdR Gamble and R Bragg

2/4 Sunday Scroungers:
Winner: J Keith,
R/U T Blythe,
Consolation: B Oliver

22/3  Wednesday Social: 

1st B Oliver, R Bragg and R Pearce   

2nd G Bradfield and B Leckie

24/3  Friday Pirates:

1st B Eayrs and A Lane,

2nd J Templeman and G Von Koss,

3rd G Rogers and J Smith

26/3  Sunday Scroungers: 

Winner B Miller,

R/U A Williams

Consolation G Bradfield

16/3  Mal Doney Memorial Fours:

1st B Edwards, A Williams, J Keith and R Gamble.

2nd K Barker, W Mangnall, A Buckingham and I Baird.

3rd B McMahen, L Cronin, G Dunn and G Crisp.

17/3 Friday Pirates:

1st G Rundell and G Bradfield,

2nd B Kelly and D Offer,

3rd R Roberts and A Lane

19/3 Sunday Scroungers:

Winner: S McCracken 

R/U B Oliver

Consolation C Tyers

Ladies Pennants Winners

Div one


Front Row L-R Glenda Hollingsworth, Kerry West, Shirley Parsons, Shona McCracken, Sue Farmer Back Row L-R – Lesley Gould, Helen Gillam, Muriel Kidd, June Nicol, Leah Briant, Anne Nagle, Jeanette Hislop

Div three


Anne Bennett, Joan Wesolowski ,Gladys Cooksley, Janice Forrest



Carol Gent ,Debbie McCarthy ,Kaye Leaman, Joanne Yakovina



 Maz Hunter, Evelyn Moschion, Lorraine Crocos, Eileen Luff



29/2 Wednesday Mixed Social:

1st J Keith and S Zuliani

3/3 Friday Pirates:

1st B Oliver and A Morrison,

2nd R Bragg and B Edwards


22/2 Wednesday Social:

Winners, W Usher, R Lamb and B Oliver

24/2 Friday Pirates:

Winners, B Edwards, S Zuliani and K Dickenson.

R/u W Bell and G Bradfield

26/2 Men’s Singles Championship:

Winner  K Gould

R/U N Richardson

Plate Winner P White



 Mandurah Ladies Gala Day


Cathy Daniel and team. Warnborogala

2nd. Judy Morgan and team. Halls Head

3rd. Di Steel and team.Halls Head

AM round .Ilona Gibson Dudley Park

PM round. Diane Gibbs Meadow Springs

Ladies Novice Singles

WinnDier : Dianne Saunders

R/U : Rita Curley

Plate : Fran Hunter

Ladies Championship Singles

AnneWinner : Ann Nagle

R/U Suzanne Farmer Plate.

Shona McCracken





15/2 Wednesday Mixed Social:

1st T Jones, B Eayrs and B Donohoe

2nd R Brown, B Oliver and W Bell

17/2 Friday Men’s Pirates

1st R Lamb and R Mars

2nd R Hare and A Lewis

3rd B Miller and R Edgar

8/2  Mixed Social Bowls 

1st B Nicol and B Donohoe 

2nd G Bradfield and J Keith

10/2 Men”s Pirates:

1st B Edwards, R Pearce and R Bragg

2nd G Nelson, G Rogers and B Hollingsworth

3rd D Templeton, B Howarth and G Von Kos

12/2 Noreen Mathews Memorial Mixed Fours

1st G Skinner, M Willcock, M Skinner and K Leaman 

2nd B Nicol, J Nicol, C Tyers and D Tyers

3rd L Wylie, P White,E Moschion and J Bryden

1/2  Mixed Social Bowls: 1st J Keith and W Bell  2nd R Gamble and S Reynolds  3rd B Adderley and R Pearce

  3/2 Men’s Pirates:  R Gamble and B Oliver  2nd A Williams and M Hutton  3rd C Tyers and W Bell

  5/2 Scroungers:  Winner W Usher, R/U A Williams,  Consolation Norah Noake

  4 and 5/2 Men’s 3rd Div and under Singles: Winner B Kelly, R/U S Zuliani, Plate Winner J Kenny

25/1 Wednesday Social Bowls: 1st B Adderley and W Bell

26/1 Australia Day Breaky and Bowls:

1st S Parsons, B Donohoe, K Newport and E Moschion

2nd G Farmer, B Snellin, F Hunter and E Snellin  

3rd W Bell, G Lowndes, J Butters and G Flanigan

27/1 Men’s Pirates: 1st S Zuliani and R Pearce  2nd R Brown and G Bradfield  3rd R Gamble and B Eayrs

 29/1 Scroungers:  Winner R Pearce  R/U B Oliver  Consolation Norah Noake

18/1  Wed. Mixed Social: 1st J Keith and P Adams  2nd R Lamb and G Bradfield  3rd K Adams and M Fitzpatrick

20/1 Men,s Pirates: 1st A Baker and P Adams  2nd T Jones and M Fitzpatrick  3rd R Morley and G Rogers

21/1  Scroungers: Winner: W Usher  R/U B Oliver  Consolation: S Reynolds

Championship Mixed Pairs: Winners A Nelson and G Nelson, R/U S McCracken and G Crisp 

Plate Winners P White and J Bryden

Veteran Singles Championship: Winner B Leckie  R/U R Pearce

Plate Winner M Fitzpatrick

Novice Single Championship: Winner J OBrien R/U K Dickenson

Plate Winner C Tyers


Ladies Pairs Championship Results

Winners: Glenda Hollingsworth and Ailsa NelsonFullSizeRender1

Runners/ Up: Lesley Gould and Carol Gent 


Plate: Fay Grant and Kerry West 




11/1  Wednesday Social: 1st W Bell and F Hunter  2nd N Richardson and R Brown

13/1  Men’s Pirates:  1st M Schofield and A Lewis 2nd G Rogers and M Fitzpatrick  3rd R Lamb and K Dickenson